Our Mission

Awareness, Testing, Prevention, and Eradication of HIV/AIDS4awareness revival

Our Pledge

We pledge to stop the spread of HIV and fight HIV/AIDS in whatever form or shape wherever and whenever. 


While our main focus in on ensuring that people all over the world are adequately informed on the prevention, detection, and management of HIV/AIDS we will be involved in all other activities as dictated by our resources. We are determined to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs through Charitable activities, sustained aggressive public sensitization, enlightenment and behavior change campaigns, and to also provide assistance, support, and care to those already living with the virus. 


To be part of the victory over HIV/AIDS/STIS in the world.

We agree completely with UNAIDS in the vision of:


Our VisionOur Vision


The aims and objectives of RENAGHAIDS are as follows:

To reduce to the barest minimum the incidence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

To carry out charitable activities to ensure that HIV/AIDS and other STIs are eradicated from human experience.

To create public awareness/education/enlightenment through the mass media and any other means possible on the spread, control, and management of HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

To establish free diagnostic/counseling and testing centers.

To care, support and render assistance to people who are living with the HIV virus.

To render assistance to families and dependents of afflicted individuals.

To establish fully equipped medical centers for the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS and other STIs all over the world, especially in the developing countries.

To ensure that students in schools at all levels are properly educated on the issue of HIV/AIDS and other STIs

To collaborate with other organizations and individuals with similar aims and objectives in particular and with the entire philanthropic community to alleviate the suffering of the world’s peoples. 

Why Are We Committed To Eradicating HIV/AIDS?

There is no doubt that HIV/AIDS is one of the major diseases today and it is spreading so fast that it is difficult to calculate the actual rate of spread worldwide. The general characteristics of this scourge are:

It Is Universal

AIDS is found in virtually all the countries of the world. However, while the developed countries have designed plans to contain the spread and manage the disease - though the efficacy and success of the plans are open to queries-. On the other hand, the developing countries have little or no resources to fight the pandemic. As such, the devastation caused in these countries is far more than in the developed countries.

HIV AIDS is Still Here

It Is Incurable

Regardless of claims by some individuals and organizations, there is still no scientifically proven cure for HIV/AIDS. Research is still going on in many places and while the prayer of many people is that a cure be found, there seems to be no immediate answer. back to top

Ignorance Is The Main Cause Of The Rapid Spread

In all the regions of the world including the developed countries, many people still engage in practices that might lead to infection not because they want to be infected but because they do not know the full ramifications of their actions. Many people would not expose themselves deliberately to these viruses if only they knew all the facts about the disease and how not to get it. 

Millions Of People Are Suffering Directly Or Indirectly

While it is true that millions have died and much more are dying because of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, many more people are suffering the aftermath. These include the spouses, children and relations of the victims in the short run. In the long run, the communities, towns, countries, and even the world feel the effect of the loss of talent, skills and resources.

HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC: The Truth About Developing Nations

In the developing nations of the world, disease, war, hunger, poverty and poor leadership abound. People die from virtually anything and everything but, with the advent of HIV/AIDS; things have taken a completely different form. Thousands die daily from this disease leaving many families without their breadwinners and loved ones. Children are orphaned at very early stages in life. The causes are: 


People do not understand what HIV/AIDS is all about because there are myriad problems to be tackled and solved. The task of having three square meals daily is daunting to many so the dedication of time to acquisition of knowledge is virtually impossible.

Lack Of Information

There are not enough information dissemination media that reach much of the areas where HIV/AIDS creates havoc. Furthermore, not many people are really aware of the high degree of devastation caused by HIV/AIDS. Because of this, AIDS rampages on almost completely unheeded and unchecked.

Where information is available, only some of the educated and the rich can afford the facilities that will enable them to have access. For instance, not many people in developing countries can afford to own a good TV set, satellite, cable, radio or television facilities. Where these are available, the sporadic and haphazard nature of electric power supply makes it mandatory that anyone wishing to enjoy these facilities must provide a private source of power. This could be daunting indeed. 

Is There A Cure For HIVAIDS

Lack Of Testing Facilities

There are very few testing centers available and even where they are, large sums of money are charged to carry out the required tests. And even at that, most of the centers are ill-equipped and as a consequence often give out incorrect results causing avoidable heartbreak and emotional trauma for many. 

The Stigma

Entire families could be ostracized if it is discovered that one member has contracted the HIV/AIDS virus or, worse still, died from AIDS. Because of this, not many people will even consider the possibility of going for the test, regardless of the symptoms they exhibit. The final offshoot of this is that by the time the person is diagnosed there is virtually nothing anyone could do to save him or her because the sickness would have wrecked the body beyond redemption. 

Lack Of Management Drugs Or Very Expensive  Where They Are Available

Even where this disease is diagnosed on time, the person infected will not have enough money to procure the management drugs. So in the end death comes more sooner than later. 

Lack Of Hospitals, Establishments And Personnel Equipped To Deal With AIDS/HIV Cases

There few hospitals equipped to handle cases of AIDS/HIV with very few fully trained personnel. The available hospitals are wary of admitting or even treating an infected person for if the story leaks, the hospital may be without patients in a very short while because everyone will run away for fear of being infected. This is also as a consequence of crass ignorance. 

Lack Of Well Funded Research In The Cure And Management

So many people have come up to claim that they have a cure for HIV/AIDS but not many of them have been given full cooperation, assistance, and funding to see how far the claims are true. We intend to carefully analyze any claims whatsoever on the issue of a cure and fund as many efforts as necessary.